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COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol

Because the health of our customers and our employees is our priority

Our commitment to hygiene and cleanliness has led us to mobilize to strengthen our protocols in terms of health security. In this sense, we have implemented additional measures, which comply with the latest recommendations in terms of hygiene and cleaning. These measures cover a wide range of subjects, from compliance with barrier gestures to recommendations for cleaning products, including procedures for cleaning rooms and common areas, as well as the necessary reduction in the supply of services.

A health referent has been appointed to update all the information communicated by the government.

Application of barrier gestures and equipment implemented for our customers:

  • One person (or even one person in a room) per lift.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel and disposable tissues are available in common areas.
  • Installation of mandatory posters in common areas.

For more transparency, the procedures in place are available on request.

Reinforcement of hygiene and cleaning measures:

  • Full cleaning and disinfection of all bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas before the establishment reopens.
  • Reinforced cleaning of common areas and in particular handles, switches, elevator buttons, room keys, all accessories and products in contact and between each customer visit.
  • Precise and reinforced room cleaning procedure with, As usual, systematic change of all linen and all the welcome products available in the room between each client.
  • Change of cleaning equipment between each room, especially microfiber cloths and wipes.
  • Use of disinfectant and virucidal detergent products.
  • Use of virucidal spray on the entire room and this equipment after each room cleaning.

Strict protocol in place for the delivery of goods and linen. Prevention and additional equipment for our teams:

  • Staff are equipped with masks, gloves, hydro-alcoholic gels and disinfectant wipes.
  • Plexiglas were installed at the reception.
  • Teams are trained in barrier gestures and make sure to wash their hands as regularly as possible and after each interaction.

Breakfast :

  • Breakfast will be served in your room or in the breakfast room, not in the usual buffet form but as a continental breakfast to avoid too many interactions. It must be reserved the day before. Simplification of our offer: The health crisis we are going through forces us to make a necessary reduction or adapt our service offer to guarantee your safety during your stay. Thus: The courtesy tray usually offered in your room is now available on request. It will be disinfected before being delivered to your room. If you stay more than one night, cleaning of your room is no longer automatic. It will be made on request only. To avoid manipulation as much as possible, the minibars have been emptied and drinks and other delicacies are available on request at the reception.

 We are looking forward to seeing you.
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